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Fine wine experiences

Fine wine experiences

The simple pleasures all wine lovers can relate to

Whether you just found one last bottle in a case you could have sworn was empty, converted your best friend from two buck chuck to grand cru Burgundy, or handed your 21-year-old-child their first glass of fine wine, here are our top 20 pleasures that all fine wine aficionados can relate to. Learn more.

A visit to Mouton-Rothschild

The Rothschild family has a rich history in finance, with family members working in major European financial centers all over the continent since the mid-18th century, including Frankfurt, Vienna, London, Naples, and Paris. One of two French branches of the Rothschild family was founded by Baron Nathaniel de Rothschild, a London-born aristocrat who moved to Paris with the intent of working with his uncle. In 1853 – wanting to produce wine to serve to his friends – the Baron bought Château Brane-Mouton at auction, which he renamed to Château Mouton Rothschild. Learn more.

The best tasting rooms for world travelers

Truly passionate wine lovers know that tasting wine involves all the senses. A beautiful glass of wine can pair well with innovative architecture, eye-catching vistas, relaxing accommodations, and of course, first class food, so we’re bringing you seven of our favorite wineries where tasting is an experience to behold. Learn more.

The best luxury hotels for fine wine aficionados

One of the best hotel experiences I ever had was when I stayed at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. While there, we dined at the hotel’s famous restaurant, D.O.C.G., and got the chance to sample some of its 500 Italian wines. There were dozens of wines on that list that I had never heard of before, and the sommelier on staff had that perfect combination of knowledge, warmth, and an astute palate. Every wine he suggested to us, from the blends of Tuscany to the Sangiovese of Abruzzo, was absolutely delicious and paired perfectly with our meal. That experience alone made the trip worthwhile. Learn more.

**Photo courtesy of Carolyn Wells Kramer

The best wine festivals for fine wine aficionados

Thousands of wine festivals take place around the world every year, making it tough for collectors to decide which ones are worth a visit. To make matters worse, some wine events change dramatically over time – what used to be an insiders fine-wine experience is now a commoditized mass market wine extravaganza. The key to selecting the best wine festivals is knowing where to look for new events geared specifically towards aficionados. Whether you love wine for the art of it or you see your bottles as an investment, we’ve got three events that will provide you with that special fine-wine experience. Learn more.

Your guide to VIP wine tour experiences

A standard wine tour is typically hosted by the winery or a third-party company and consists of taking guests through a series of wine tastings where they get a scenic view of the vineyards along the way. A luxury wine tour goes above and beyond, offering personalized gifts or one-of-a-kind experiences not included on a standard tour. There are so many tours to choose from on today’s wine market that wineries need to stand out from the crowd, which is why many have taken to hosting unusual, luxury tastings to attract customers. Learn more.

How to bring fine wine camping

Nothing beats a glass of exceptional wine in the middle of nature, but how to bring a bottle of fine wine to your camping site is not straightforward. Heat can cook your wine, so your first step to a happy camping trip is to plan around the weather. You don’t want to bring your finest bottle of DRC Montrachet knowing that temperatures will hit more than 100 degrees by midday. Instead, choose different wine varietals depending on the time of the year you plan on camping, and your location. Learn more.