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Complete guide to gifting fine wine

Complete guide to gifting fine wine

The ultimate guide to wine gifting

When you choose the right vintage, wine is the best gift for nearly any occasion because you can customize the varietal, region, and vintage to match the recipients taste and personality. The most memorable wine gifts are well-matched to the palate of whomever they’re being given to, but they should also hold some special significance. The secret to a successful wine gift is to incorporate the wine into a bigger experience, like a special dinner or a weekend getaway. Learn more.

The best Champagne gifts

When it comes to picking out the best Champagne gifts, producer and vintage quality alone won’t always point you in the right direction. Unlike buying wine for your own cellar, Champagne you buy as a gift doesn’t always have to be age-worthy or valuable to be worthwhile. By considering the personality and needs of your gift recipients, you’ll always select the best vintage for everyone on your list. Learn more.

Why wine storage is the perfect gift for collectors

One of the best Christmas gifts I ever received was a high-quality wine fridge that my parents filled to the brim with some of my favorite wines, including selections from Côtes du Rhône and a delicious bottle of 2005 Chevalier Père et Fils. It took me almost a year to get through all of the wonderful wines inside, but even after I opened my last gift bottle, that wine fridge remained an essential staple in my home. For the past six years, I’ve used it to store dozens and dozens of bottles, from wines for holiday celebrations to collectible Bordeaux. Learn more.

The perfect wine gift sets

Rather than relying on pre-made gift baskets this year, consider building your own wine tasting gift set for the wine lovers on your holiday list. By building your own basket of region-specific wines, you can offer your gift recipients a few rare, unusual wines this holiday season–the types that you’ll never see in a pre-made basket that you would buy in a store. With a custom gift like this, you can take your friends or family on a “tasting tour” of the world, allowing them to see firsthand what makes these wines so spectacular. And, you may even introduce them to a new favorite producer in the process. Learn more.

The best wedding gift wines

How does a collector decide which bottles are worth an investment when the vintage’s grapes are still at least six months away from budding? Even after the grapes have been harvested, it will take at least another two years for that wine to arrive on his doorstep. Despite these difficulties, it is possible to plan out wine wedding gifts this far in advance, but it takes some forethought and special consideration. You can’t use tasting notes, so you’ll have to rely on the producer’s reputation instead. Learn more.

The best wine gifts for Mother's Day

If you’re stumped on Mother’s Day gifts this year, fine wine might be your answer. A gift of wine lets you choose a vintage that closely matches your mother’s tastes, and even her personality. My own mother loves oranges and Champagne, so I plan on giving her a set of homemade orange cupcakes along with a vintage bottle of 1995 La Grande Dame. The best wine gifts for Mother’s Day are usually celebratory and special, like a bottle of vintage Champagne or rosé, but you can also try unexpected varietals as well, like a bottle of Barolo or Washington Cabernet Sauvignon. The more you match your mother’s personality and taste with your selections, the better your gift will be. Here are a few basic rules you can follow to find the perfect gift. Learn more.